Dr. David Soane

Founder & Chairman

At Transform

As Founder, Chairman, and Scientific Advisor,  David Soane, Ph.D. supports the Transform Materials team with visionary ideas that fuel  the organization's growth.


Dr. Soane is a serial entrepreneur and prolific innovator in the fields of advanced materials, polymer chemistry, and surface science.

Applying nanotechnology and chemical engineering to a variety of mature industries, he has founded many successful companies: ACLARA (NASDAQ:ACLA), a manufacturer of diagnostic test products; Nano-Tex, a manufacturer of widely-available textile materials; 2C Optics, an eyeglass lens manufacturer; ZMS, a contact lens technology developer; ICBM, an advanced building materials company; Soane Energy, in the oil-and-gas field, Crop Enhancement, sustainably boosting crop yields, and Reform Biologics, developing novel excipients for protein therapeutics.

Through the Soane family of companies, he is currently leading and incubating several other promising start-ups including Soane Materials and Carbogenesis.


Before his commercial ventures, Dr. Soane was a tenured Professor of Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley, with hundreds of scientific articles and patents in his résumé.He received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from UC Berkeley.

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