We make the clean acetylene and hydrogen that the world needs.

We are earth-keepers committed to a decarbonized economy.

About Transform Materials

US-based Transform Materials, founded in 2014, has commercialized revolutionary technology that uses microwave-generated plasma to energize hydrocarbons to form acetylene and hydrogen without any CO2 emissions.

Our patented technology and systems are compact and modular, thus readily scalable for large plants or small industrial applications.

Transform’s on-site technology also integrates with existing systems and architecture--which minimizes adoption cost.

A Transfomative Decade

2014: The company was founded in Cambridge MA, by serial entrepreneur David Soane, Ph.D., to solve the challenge of transforming hydrocarbons into other useful things without combustion. His physicists and chemists successfully created a lab-scale microwave-energized plasma reactor that produced clean acetylene and hydrogen without CO2.

2015-2020: Development and scale-up: The original prototype was developed over several years and was eventually moved to a larger commercial-scale pilot plant in a new facility in Riviera Beach, FL where it is today.

2020: DSM’s pilot plant validation: DSM Nutritional Products Ltd (“DSM”) sought out Transform’s technology to integrate into its European plants. After validating the purity and reliability of Transform’s system, DSM licensed the company’s patented technology in 2021.

2021: Chart Industries (NSYE: GTLS) invests in Transform in the amount of $25 million for 5% of its equity.

2022: Engineering & design completed for commercial: Transform completed its front-end engineering and design for shop-fabricated, skid-mounted reactor modules, thus making them readily available for commercial systems while minimizing the need for field fabrication.

2023: Denka agreement signed to produce acetylene: Transform and Denka Company Ltd. signed an agreement for a commercial-scale system to be constructed and installed at Denka’s plant in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, to optimize the technology for large-scale production and replace coal-derived acetylene.

2025: First commercial plant onstream

Our partners & associations

Transform key partners support us in decarbonizing chemical production.

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