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"Transform has helped us understand how microwave plasma technology makes it possible to produce acetylene gas with large volumes of hydrogen."
Toshio Imai, CEO of Denka

Denka Chemicals: Japan

Who: Denka, a ~$1.7Bn Market Cap Chemical Company

Where: Omuta, Fukuoka Plant, Japan

What: Denka will install acetylene and hydrogen production facilities based on Transform’s plasma technology to demonstrate and optimize the technology to realize large-scale mass production of acetylene --without coal. This is in stark contrast to the widely used coal-based, multistep, energy-intensive process of making calcium carbide for acetylene production.

When: The multi-year agreement spans from 2023 - to 2028 with plans to evolve the technology. It supports Denka’s eight-year management plan, "Mission 2030," which started in fiscal 2023

Why: Denka aims to achieve 100% of their "3-Star Businesses" and have set a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 60% (compared to fiscal 2013) and are proceeding with portfolio transformation, including establishing a low-carbon acetylene chain with Transform Materials.

"The Project with Transform Materials is one of the most significant transformations in our company history." --Toshio Imai, CEO of Denka

Pilot Projects: US

Who: Transform Materials, Pilot Projects

Where: Riviera Beach, Fla

What: Transform’s pilot facility supports our very active R&D program and allows for commercial-scale testing of our reactor technology, including:

+ Testing various hydrocarbon feedstocks: We can test a variety of hydrocarbon feedstocks and simulate potential streams from our customers’ operations.

+ Improving the design of the reactor and associated components: We continue to optimize the performance of our reactor system, including proprietary components developed in-house.

+ Evaluating microwave equipment: We work with leading global producers of microwave generation equipment to evaluate new and differentiated offerings for our reactors.

+ Scale-up: We are developing pathways for scaling up our reactor module to accommodate larger-input microwave power.“

Our pilot facility allows us to test customers’ specific feedstocks in a commercial-scale reactor, enabling continual improvement of the process design and equipment."

-- Dr. Nathan Ashcraft, CTO of Transform Materials