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Scalable. Carbon-neutral. And, where you need it.

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We use clean plasma technology to transform hydrocarbons for sustainable chemistry.

Transform uses microwave-driven plasma technology to convert hydrocarbons into clean acetylene and hydrogen. Transform's scalable systems can be used on-site and wherever hydrocarbons are located to convert them into new high-value products without generating CO2 emissions.

Transform's technology is proven and already supporting global decarbonization initiatives. Our commercial-scale reactor in the US is available for on-site visitors and product demonstrations.


Making Acetylene without Coal

"The Project with Transform Materials is one of the most significant transformations in our company history since we started our business.” --Toshio Imai, CEO of Denka


We make clean acetylene

From PVC to EVs, acetylene is an energy-rich building block for creating a myriad of products we use daily.


We make clean hydrogen

We make clean hydrogen from hydrocarbons to help decarbonize the supply chain and extract greater value.


Latest News

Transform Materials Optimizes Low-Carbon Acetylene for Lithium-Ion Battery Production

November 9, 2023

As demand for battery energy storage systems accelerates, manufacturers seek to secure a supply of low-carbon raw materials; Transform Materials emerges as the sole provider of dedicated mass-production technology for low-carbon acetylene.