How it Works

In four steps, Transform uses microwave plasma technology to convert hydrocarbons into clean acetylene and hydrogen without CO2 emissions. Here's how we do it.

Transform's four-step process

Step 1:

Microwave Plasma Reactor

First, gaseous hydrocarbons enter our microwave plasma reactor. Transform uses plasma to convert natural gas into acetylene and hydrogen without oxygen— which means no CO2 is produced. This pioneering technology yields incredibly high conversion, selectivity, and energy efficiency, and a very low carbon footprint.

Step 2:

Carbon Recovery

Second, the gas exits the reactor and enters a column system where trace impurities are removed. This polishing process uses commercially available materials and consistently yields high-purity products.

Step 3:

Acetylene Purification

Third, the gas then enters our acetylene purification columns, where acetylene is selectively recovered in a highly pure form. The purification technology is industry standard, well-established, and in wide commercial use, minimizing technological risk. The acetylene is greater than 99.6% pure, meeting or exceeding industry requirements.

Step 4

Hydrogen Purification

Fourth, Hydrogen is purified in a pressure swing adsorber, generating ultra-high purity hydrogen, industry-standard 99.99% pure, which is ideal for broad usage. The absorber technology is proven and easily implemented with Transform’s hydrogen streams.