Hydrogen Applications

In order to move our hydrogen ecosystem forward, new technologies must be developed for clean hydrogen production that are energy efficient and commercially viable. Transform’s technology efficiently makes clean hydrogen from hydrocarbon streams.


When used as a fuel for vehicles, hydrogen’s only byproduct is water. Hydrogen most closely matches traditional gasoline and diesel fuels, offering similar refueling, range, and performance. In order to be widely deployed, clean hydrogen needs to be readily available. Transform supports this by offering decentralized hydrogen production for the mobility market.



Liquid and gaseous hydrogen is produced off-site and trucked to end users to serve the merchant market. Transform’s decentralized hydrogen production can reduce transportation costs, which can be quite high because hydrogen is such a light molecule.



Industrial hydrogen is widely used today as a feedstock in fields such as oil refining, ammonia production, and methanol production. Hydrogen can also be used in power and heat generation, by blending with natural gas to reduce emissions from existing gas-fired technologies.