Hyzon Motors, Transform Materials Ink Hydrogen Production Deal

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Hyzon Motors and Transform Materials want to produce low or negative carbon intensity hydrogen from various forms of methane, prioritising biogas and renewable natural gas.

Having inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Wednesday (Jan 19), the duo will together evaluate proposals to multiple develop the hydrogen production facilities, in the US, Canada, Europe and potentially China, to support the roll out of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

If plans for the sites go ahead, each facility will feature Transform Materials’ technology which can produce hydrogen at various scales as a co-product with acetylene, providing costing benefits.

Transform Materials has confirmed it will build, own, and operate the hubs, with Hyzon having the right to invest equity in the facilities. Together, Hyzon and Transform will seek to align hydrogen production with the accelerating demand created by Hyzon’s heavy-duty vehicles.

To read more, visit H2 View.

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