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Transform provides an end-to-end solution that begins with us understanding our customer process and requirements

We engineer and construct our proprietary, modular plasma reactor-based plants on or next to our customer’s site, and we work closely with the customers under a clearly defined scope and expectation. Once our plant is up and running, Transform stands with its customers to make sure they receives the product – acetylene and/or hydrogen – at the volume and purity they want when they want it.  

Transform’ s end-to-end solution includes:


Transform’s Build, Own and Operate (BOO) business model reduces risk, complexity, and capital requirements for our customers. With this model, Transform provides the upfront capital needed to build the plant, reducing the demands on the customer. The operation of the plant is also performed by Transform, allowing the customers to focus on their business.  The product(s) are then pipelined/delivered to our customers, with demonstrated >99% uptime.  This model provides the customers with the feedstocks they need with low risk, low complexity, and little to no capital requirements.  

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