Transform Materials Establishes European Operations

Business Accelerator Brightlands Chemelot Campus Welcomes Newest Resident Company

RIVIERA BEACH, Florida – July 22, 2021 – Transform Materials LLC (“Transform”), a green technology company with a patented net-carbon-negative process to cost-effectively produce commercial hydrogen and acetylene, announced today the launch of European operations within Brightlands Chemelot Campus. This is an important European location for Transform allowing for accelerated growth of production plants in Europe and will help establish a larger presence for Transform across the continent.

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is an innovation campus for materials and chemistry companies with deep industry roots. Brightlands has a clear mission to facilitate innovation and business growth by giving tenants access to a growing talent pool, state of the art infrastructure, materials expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit. The campus supports a vibrant business community in creating circular solutions with positive impact for the challenges facing the globe. Located in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands, the Brightlands Chemelot Campus is situated in the heart of the industrial region in Europe. This region, an important driver for progress and innovation, will facilitate testing and upscaling new processes for Transform.

“Transform’s establishing a presence at Brightlands Chemelot Campus is an important building block in our overall expansion plan,” commented Stuart Jara, Chief Executive Officer, Transform Materials. “This European location helps build out our overall presence so that we will be better able to serve our international customers.”

“Transform’s selecting Brightlands Chemelot as the location to establish their European operations makes perfect sense given that we are such a strongly known breeding ground for science and innovation in materials and chemistry,” said Bert Kip, CEO of Brightlands Chemelot Campus. “If circularity in the chemical industry is going to be a success anywhere, it’s here, at this site and this campus.”


About Transform Materials LLC
Transform Materials LLC was founded in 2014 by scientist and serial entrepreneur David Soane, Ph.D. During six years of sustained R&D, the company has developed a ground-breaking technology that uses microwave-generated plasma to energize natural gas to form acetylene and hydrogen without any CO2 emissions, offering a substitute for the legacy processes in the chemical industry that generates impurities and form greenhouse gases. Complementing its contributions to chemical manufacturing, Transform’s technology also produces hydrogen in an energy-efficient way to address an important need in the burgeoning fuel cell industry. Transform’s systems are compact and modular, thus readily scalable to match customer needs, whether for large plants or small industrial applications, integrating with existing systems and architecture to minimize adoption costs. Transform’s patented technology platform initiates a green revolution in the utilization of natural gas, converting this abundant resource into acetylene and hydrogen without requiring combustion or energy-intensive electrolysis. To learn more, visit

About Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Brightlands Chemelot Campus is Europe’s leading location for companies, research, and knowledge institutes in the field of chemistry and materials, located in Geleen, the Netherlands, with Belgium, Germany, France, and Luxembourg just around the corner. In addition to cutting-edge research and development in the field of high-performance materials, sustainable processes and biomedical solutions, Brightlands’ portfolio also includes targeted support for industry-specific startup companies.  The R&D campus is considered number 1 in Europe for sustainable innovations and is part of the Chemelot Circular Hub


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