Transform Materials Appoints Rachelle Goebel as Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Goebel brings more than 25 years of experience in the industrial gas and gas-processing industries

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — Transform Materials, a sustainable chemical company that uses microwave plasma technology to convert natural gas into acetylene and hydrogen, has appointed Rachelle Goebel as chief executive officer.

“I am thrilled that Rachelle Goebel has joined Transform Materials as CEO,” said David Soane Ph.D., chairman and founder of Transform Materials. “Rachelle’s wealth of senior management experience in the industrial gas and gas-processing industries will be invaluable as we grow Transform into a leading provider of clean acetylene and hydrogen.”

Ms. Goebel brings significant leadership and industry experience to Transform Materials, most recently serving as president of AG&P Americas. Previously, Ms. Goebel was vice president and general manager of gas processing and hydrogen at Honeywell UOP. Ms. Goebel spent more than 15 years at Air Liquide in various roles, including general manager for industrial and specialty gases. Ms. Goebel received her B.S. in chemical engineering and MBA from Texas A&M University.

“I am honored to join Transform Materials to lead the company’s decarbonization vision and pioneer the future of clean acetylene and hydrogen production,” said Rachelle Goebel. “The company has a proven and differentiated technology that will change the clean-energy conversation. I look forward to working with David Soane, the board of directors, our skilled management team, and our stakeholders to profitably scale our business to achieve our long-term strategic goals.”

About Transform Materials

Transform Materials LLC was founded in 2014 by scientist and serial entrepreneur David Soane, Ph.D. During six years of sustained R&D, the company has developed a ground-breaking technology that uses microwave-generated plasma to energize natural gas to form acetylene and hydrogen without any CO2 emissions, offering a compelling substitute for the legacy processes in the chemical industry that generate impurities and form greenhouse gases. Complementing its contributions to chemical manufacturing, Transform’s technology also produces hydrogen and acetylene in an energy-efficient way to address demand in the burgeoning fuel-cell and green-chemical industries. Transform’s systems are compact and modular, and can be scaled to match customer needs while integrating with existing systems and architecture to minimize adoption costs. Transform’s patented technology platform activates a green revolution in the utilization of natural gas by enabling the conversion of this abundant resource into acetylene and hydrogen without requiring combustion or energy-intensive electrolysis. To learn more, visit

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