Transform Materials Appoints Dr. Nathan Ashcraft to Chief Technology Officer

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CTO Nathan Ashcraft

Transform Materials Appoints Dr. Nathan Ashcraft to Chief Technology Officer

Ashcraft, who was the company’s first hire in 2014, will spearhead Transform Material’s development initiatives and expand the range of industrial uses for the company’s innovative decarbonization technology

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — June 07, 2023: Transform Materials, a sustainable chemical company that uses microwave plasma technology to convert hydrocarbons and natural gas into acetylene and hydrogen, has appointed Dr. Nathan Ashcraft as chief technology officer. He will oversee all of Transform’s technology development and innovation programs and manage the lifecycle of Transform’s breakthrough products and solutions.

Ashcraft has headed up research and development at Transform since its inception in 2014, playing a leading role in developing and commercializing the company’s core technology platforms.

“Nathan was employee number one and assembled the talented team of scientists and engineers who delivered the scalable technology platform that is already reshaping how industrial methane is transformed into useful, valuable chemicals,” said Rachelle Goebel, CEO of Transform Materials. “In his new role, Nathan will accelerate the development of new products that leverage our microwave plasma technology, including novel downstream applications for our products.”

“I’m honored to take on this new role at Transform Materials,” said Dr. Nathan Ashcraft, CTO of Transform Materials. “In my new role, I will continue leading Transform’s phenomenal R&D team while working with senior leadership to deliver even more clean-technology offerings aimed at decarbonization through sustainable chemistry.”

As CTO, Dr. Ashcraft now oversees all of Transform’s technology development and innovation program, including the product lifecycle of Transform’s offerings. Dr. Ashcraft also supports Transform’s emphasis on safety and intellectual property strategy. He brings polymer chemistry, materials science, and chemical engineering expertise to the Transform Materials team and was instrumental in developing the company’s core technology platforms and deploying them commercially. Dr. Ashcraft holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Missouri and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

About Transform Materials

Transform Materials LLC, founded in 2014, has developed a ground-breaking technology that uses microwave-generated plasma to energize natural gas to form acetylene and hydrogen without any CO2 emissions. Transform’s patented technology and systems are compact and modular, thus readily scalable to match customer needs, whether for large plants or small industrial applications, integrating with existing systems and architecture to minimize adoption costs. To learn more, visit:

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