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Manufacturing process for Transform Materials’ revolutionary technology in key chemical products validated at pilot plant; Transform and DSM Nutritional Products begin discussions for global-scale commercial production.

 RIVIERA BEACH, Florida – May 12, 2021 – Transform Materials LLC (“Transform”), a sustainable chemical company with a patented net-carbon-negative process to cost-effectively produce commercial acetylene and hydrogen, has announced a milestone in scaling its global production capability.

Transform in alignment with its licensing partner, DSM Nutritional Products Ltd (“DSM”), part of Netherlands-based Royal DSM with global products and services in nutrition, health and sustainable living, declare the successful operation of Transform’s pilot chemical plant in Riviera Beach, Fla., which paves the way for the development of large-scale commercial production. Transform conducted more than 6 months of testing and evaluation to complete and meet the rigorous milestone targets proving a 99% operational uptime.

Under the licensing agreement, Transform has granted DSM certain rights to Transform’s patented technology when used in the production of vitamins, carotenoids and nutritional ingredients. DSM’s Improve, Enable, Advocate strategy aims to enable low-carbon energy solutions that support the transition to a low carbon economy and at the same time offers further greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction opportunities for customers.

“Taking responsible action on climate change and reducing our carbon footprint is a key value driver for our company,” says Ronald Gebhard, VP of Process Innovation of DSM Nutritional Products. “Transform’s net-carbon-negative process is a game-changer in the development of renewable acetylene and hydrogen, key products used in so many industries and typically produced at higher cost and with high carbon emissions. For us, Transform’s process is an important green technology that fits well into our portfolio to continue to implement our business strategy to be purpose-led and performance-driven.”

Founded in 2014, Transform accelerated its commercialization strategy in 2020 and is generating significant interest from customers whose processes require a ready, green, and cost-advantageous source of hydrogen or acetylene. Hydrogen is a free-standing clean energy source as well as a key ingredient for many industrial sectors, such as ammonia synthesis, oil refining, fine chemicals, electronics, and metallurgy. Acetylene is an important and highly reactive precursor for producing high-value products such as vitamins, fragrances and flavors, carbon solids, and high-utility polymers that can be used for personal-care products and structural materials. Transform has already developed a large project pipeline with prospective blue-chip customers in North America and in Europe.

“We are seeing tremendous interest from top-tier commercial customers for both of our marketable products: the high-purity hydrogen and the chemical-grade acetylene, both generated with very low carbon emissions at a lower cost point than current technology,” said Stuart Jara, CEO of Transform. “We’re excited about our partnership with DSM and the momentum that Transform continues to demonstrate in 2021.”

Following the milestone achievement of the pilot plant, Transform and DSM Nutritional Products are now in discussions on how to integrate the Transform technology into its manufacturing network to support DSM’s continued growth as the leading global producer of sustainable vitamins, carotenoids, and nutritional ingredients.

About Transform Materials LLC
Transform Materials LLC was founded in 2014 by scientist and serial entrepreneur David Soane, Ph.D. During six years of sustained R&D, the company has developed a ground-breaking technology that uses microwave-generated plasma to energize natural gas to form acetylene and hydrogen, offering a substitute for the legacy processes in the chemical industry that generate impurities and form greenhouse gases. Complementing its contributions to chemical manufacturing, Transform’s technology also produces hydrogen in an energy-efficient way to address an important need in the burgeoning fuel cell industry. Transform’s systems are compact and modular, thus readily scalable to match customer needs, whether for large plants or small industrial applications, integrating with existing systems and architecture to minimize adoption costs. Transform’s patented technology platform initiates a green revolution in the utilization of natural gas, converting this abundant resource into acetylene and hydrogen without requiring combustion or energy-intensive electrolysis. To learn more, visit


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