Nathan Ashcraft


Nathan Ashcraft

Nathan Ashcraft | VP Research and Development


Transform’s platform reactor technology allows for unparalleled green and economic production of critical materials and products. While our initial focus has been on clean acetylene and hydrogen, our world-class R&D team is leveraging our reactor technology on other valuable molecules to provide more industries the ability to reduce their carbon footprint 

At Transform

As VP of Research and Development, Nathan Ashcraft oversees all of Transform’s technology development and innovation program. He leads a talented, multi-disciplinary team through the process of taking sustainability-focused ideas through to commercialization. Ashcraft also supports Transform’s emphasis on safety and intellectual property strategy.

Experience & Career

Ashcraft brings expertise in polymer chemistry, materials science, and chemical engineering to the Transform Materials team. Spearheading research and development at Transform since its inception in 2014, he has been instrumental in developing the company’s core technology platforms and deploying them at a commercial scale.

Before joining Transform, he served as VP of R & D at Soane Mining, where he pioneered the successful development of an innovative water treatment technology.