Hyzon Motors Tackles Hydrogen Infrastructure Challenges

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Hyzon Motors Inc., a supplier of hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles, announces a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Transform Materials, a provider of renewable hydrogen through its proprietary microwave reactor technology. Together, Hyzon and Transform Materials will evaluate proposals to develop facilities to produce low-to-negative carbon intensity hydrogen from various forms of methane, prioritizing biogas and renewable natural gas, according to the companies.

Through Transform Material’s technology, the facilities (acting as hubs) reportedly can be built to produce hydrogen efficiently—even at small scales of 1-5 tons/day—offering modular construction that allows capacity to grow as customer demand increases. Transform’s technology produces hydrogen as a co-product with acetylene, providing advantaged hydrogen cost structures, according to the companies.

“Hyzon believes the key to decarbonizing transport in the near-term requires overcoming the hydrogen infrastructure challenges,” says Parker Meeks, Hyzon’s chief strategy officer. “Our solution is to co-invest in facilities that produce low-cost hydrogen at small volumes, and which can be built in a matter of months. By coordinating these facilities with existing and developing customer interest, we can accelerate the deployment of our zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered vehicles.”

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